Dan Rowan


Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Conservative play
A D A M S clubs
+ point= Pitching/Chipping
- point= Driving

driver:2wood:3wood:5wood:4iron:5iron:6iron:7iron:8iron:9iron:lobwedge:p wedge:s wedge

Welcome to you're personalized locker room. You can change values here at any time.
You are currently scheduled to play in the "Mckay Invitational". the debut event on the O.G.A. Tour. Currently you have no specific game plan -- and there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, if you wish to personalize you're round, such as, 'capitilize on par 5's, take extra time on puts, aim for the fat part of par 3's, be aggressive on par 5's - but conservative otherwise, or protect the lead - if obtained, you can do so via email to the Commissioner

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