O.G.A. Tour debut approaching!

by Commissioner J. Randal.

With the begining of The O.G.A. tour approaching, pending only on the recruital of more players, there may be some questions pertaining to the Online Golf Association. This is currently a free game, it's not sponsered by a brand of golf equipment to persuade you to buy their products, it is not a scam to get you're address to send you newsletters and flyers, it's just a game. I've made a golf simulator, one which I'm willing to replace for a better one. Basically, when you sign up you are entered into tournaments, to win prizes. Not only that, but you can personalize you're golfer to your standards, with everything from what clubs, to what brand of clubs, to what type of ball, etc. Everyone is entered into my simulator, and it pumps out you're statistics, and scores, a leaderboard, and whatnot. Eventually, we'll have tour top 10 in almost all categories, oga world rankings, etc. It is my long range goal to offer prizes for winners of the OGA majors, but that would require charging money, and that's not something I want to force on my players until I absolutely have to.

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